We have years of experience

in terms of craftsmanship

and customer service,  

which we put to full use to benefit all our

valued customers.

We are a small family owned & operated company and hand craft all our pieces. We deliver impressive results, and are committed to all our customers past, present and future. Our small size means we are able to take the opportunity to focus on each individual customer and their needs. 

 We always believe in putting

 “Quality First”


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We started our venture in the shed at the bottom of our garden, We tried out all the different woods and fixings and worked on our designs and we also travelled around the country looking for a small company like ourselves to make quality tanks for us, this had to be a family company who took pride in building quality. When we were ready armed with our home made website, we moved in to a small out building on a nearby farm measuring a massive 6ft x 12ft ...

This felt massive anyway after we had been used the garden shed. We travelled around craft fares trying to get our name out to the world, and when we finally started getting orders for large cabinets we then had to find somewhere bigger as Harry struggled getting around the cabinets in such a small space. So we asked the farmer if he had anything bigger than the workshop we were in, he just happened to have a barn a little bigger than the one we had so we moved again. After lovingly making cabinets for 18 months, in the cold damp conditions, we were finally able to move into our new unit, with Lots of room, dry walls and with running water!

We have been working hard to set up our bespoke business over the past few years, and to offer quality at the lowest cost we can. We are not a production line company and never will be, all our pieces are individually made with love and care. All our kilned wood is carefully chosen by ourselves.

We offer the same quality in our before and after customer service care and pride ourselves on bringing the very best in every way to all our valued customers!

“We are good, honest people who care. We value and respect all people. We serve others with friendliness and sincerity.
All Our business dealings are of the highest integrity.”